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Dr Pegah Heidarzadeh Pasha, GDC no. 81722, completed her undergraduate training at the Swedish School of Medical and Dental Science in Gothenburg Sweden, where she grew up.

She spent the first few years after her graduation working in public health in Gothenburg before leaving Sweden in 2003, for a year of travelling and working in different European countries. She has been living and practicing dentistry in the UK since 2003.


She became a practice owner in 2007 (Shape Dental Clinic).

In 2018, she decided to focus as a consultant and senior clinical lecturer in periodontology at King’s College, Guy’s Hospital, London. Pegah is directly involved in the training of Residents in Periodontology at King’s College & is an examiner for Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and England.


As a Specialist Periodontist, she is passionate about promoting

oral health and the benefits of preventative dentistry.

She manages complex cases including the diagnosis and management of periodontal and peri-implant conditions as well as cosmetic aspects of periodontology such as Crown Lengthening and Soft Tissue grafting procedures.

Periodontal disease can affect patients of all ages.

The treatment restores the supporting tissues surrounding the teeth to a healthy condition,  maintaining the function and appearance of the dentition, hopefully for the patient’s lifetime. The disease can affect patients of all ages - symptoms include bleeding gums, loosening of the teeth, bad breath, tenderness on biting or it may be symptom-free.


It is a condition where the gums start to separate from the teeth, the ligament and bone holding the teeth dissolves and the teeth become loose and may be lost. If your dentist suspects this disease, he or she will advise treatment and may refer you on to a periodontist.

What is Periodontics?

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Periodontal treatment restores the supporting tissues surrounding the teeth to a healthy condition

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